The Ukrainian association of producers of ferro-alloys and other electrometallurgy products / of UkrFA / was created in April, 1997. The objectives of the Association is to restore balance in the Ukrainian ferro-alloy sector, achieve parity between members of the Association to develop a unified plan of action set within the Ukrainian economic policy, promoting investment.

Today the UkrFA includes: A STALEMATE is the “Nikopol plant of ferro-alloys “, STALEMATE the “Zaporizhzhya plant of ferro-alloys “, LLC “Pobuzke Ferronickel Plant”, JSC “Kramatorsk Ferro-alloy Plant”, JSC “Ordzhonikidze GOK” JSC “Marganetsk GOK” and UkrSSEC “Energostal”. Since 2014 membership with UkrFA stopped PJSC “Stakhanov Ferro-alloy Plant”, JSC “Donetsk Electrometallurgical Plant” Ltd “Ecological Initiative” (Ekin).

The object of the Association is the following tasks:

  •  help partners with the challenges, issues arising in the course of economic activity in relations with state and local authorities, organization the efficient interaction of participants with legislative, executive and judicial authorities of Ukraine, establishment of a permanent independent court of arbitration;
  • all-round study of problems of the Participants and theirdecision, related to the production, sale of ferro-alloy andother electrometallurgy products in Ukraine and abroad;
  • co-ordination of actions of producers is at the foreign market of ferro-alloys, including development of general position in relation to prices at carried out foreign economic activity, volumes of export taking into account conjunctures and specific of this market;
  • assistance in a production and sell off at the foreign marketof ferro-alloys and other electrometallurgy products, the introduction of advanced technology, equipment  standardization and certification according to world requirements for the increaseof competitiveness of home products on internal and external markets;
  • realization of analysis of internal and external markets and prognosis of possible changes, analysis of conjunctures of these markets;
  • realization of the informatively-methodical, legal and consulting providing of Participants, generalization of front-rank home and foreign experience, introduction of scientific developments, grant patent – the licensed help;
  • mutual exchange between Participants by information,experience, practical skills in industry of production of ferro-alloys and other electrometallurgy products, organization ofrealization of research and practice conferences,symposiums, exhibitions, fair and other measures;
  • presentation of suggestions, development of projects ofnormative acts of their accompaniment with the aim ofimprovement of current legislation of Ukraine, that regulateseconomic activity of Participants that touch activity ofindustry, including, sent to stabilizing of the tax system,custom taxation, price and social politics of the state;
  • organization and realization in Ukraine and after her limits ofthe measures sent to propaganda and advertisement ofscientific and technical achievements and products ofParticipants, informative support, assistance in illumination ofactivity of Participants in facilities of СМІ, editorial and publishing activity, in thereby preparation and producing ofcertificate, informatively-methodical,  advertising and other printed products;


  • Euroalliages;
  • International Committee on Ferroalloys;
  • NTU “Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”;
  • Dnipropetrovsk National Metallurgical Academy;
  • Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry;
  • Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine;
  • LE “Metallurgprom”;
  • Publisher «Metal Pages»;
  • State Enterprise «Укрпромвзовнішекспертиза»;
  • State Enterprise «Держзовнішінформ».


  • International Manganese Institute;
  • Public Advice is at Government fiscal service of Ukraine;
  • Exporters council under the МFA of Ukraine
  • Public Advice is at Committee of industrial politics andenterprise of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine;
  • Advice of national Associations of commodity producers is at Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine;
  • Federation of Employers of Ukraine;
  • Chairmanship in the center of “REACH” at Advice of nationalAssociations of commodity producers at Cabinet of Ministersof Ukraine.