INFACON 2018 – The15th International Ferroalloys Congress

INFACON Congress is the most authoritative specialists’ forum in the Ferroalloy industry for the exchange of knowledge and experience in the production of ferroalloys, their use, and between specialists in the field of ferroalloys production – both scientists and manufacturers.
INFACON (International Ferroalloys Congress) was founded in South Africa in 1974 by SAIMM (Southern African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy), Mintek (then the National Institute for Metallurgy), and the Ferroalloys Producers’ Association (FAPA). The main goal of INFACON is to stimulate technical interchange on all aspects of ferroalloy production.
The Congress is held every three years in different countries:
INFACON-95 (Trondheim, Norway), INFACON-98 (Beijing, PRC), INFACON-2001 (Quebec City, Canada), INFACON-2004 (Cape Town, South Africa ), INFACON-2007 (New Dehli, India), INFACON 2010 (Helsinki, Finland), INFACON 2013 (Almaty, Kazakhstan), INFACON 2015 (Kyiv, Ukraine)
It should be noted, that INFACON 2015 was the second forum in the history of Congress (After INFACON 2013, Almaty, Kazakhstan), which was held in one of the ex-Soviet Union countries – in Ukraine (Kyiv) from May 31 to June 4. The organizer was Ukrainian Association of Ferroalloy producers (UkrFA).
The 15th International Ferroalloys Congress (INFACON XVI) will be held at the Century City Conference Centre in Cape Town, South Africa from 25-28 February 2018.
INFACON is controlled by the International Committee on Ferro-Alloys (ICFA) whose objective is to promote the holding of the congress every two to three years in appropriate locations and to retain the established high technical standard.
The intention of INFACON is to stimulate technical interchange on all aspects of Ferro-alloy production.